We are very pleased to announce that funds have been successfully raised to support a number of full and partial scholarships. We are indebted to the following institutions
for their support and contribution to the scholarship fund:

A full scholarship will support the cost of travel (economy air ticket and local
transport), accommodation and registration for the Congress. A partial scholarship
will support registration and, in some cases, either accommodation or travel costs.
Scholarships will be awarded in a competitive manner to delegates wishing to attend
from resource-poor countries. Scholarships are potentially available to delegates
living and working in the field of STIs/HIV in the continents of Africa, Latin America
and Asia.

Scholarships will be awarded to delegates on the following criteria:

  • Abstract score and presentation of research

  • Personal motivation

Please note that applicants are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts – personal
motivations in the absence of an abstract will only be supported in a small number of
Delegates wishing to be considered for a scholarship should submit a scientific
abstract through the Congress website in the normal manner (deadline for submissions
is Monday 1 st June 2009) and also send a personal motivation to the Congress. The
personal motivation should be sent by email to . In this
email, applicants should state whether or not they have submitted, or intend to submit, an abstract and they should provide the full title and name of the presenting author.
Preferably, the person seeking a scholarship should be the presenting author.
The personal motivation communication should be no more than 250 words. In the
motivation, the applicant should describe: (i) their job title and institution; (ii) the
main STI/HIV problems of the country they are working in and how they are
personally involved in addressing these; (iii) a description of how they think attending
the Congress will help them in their careers and working life; (iv) how their abstract
fits in with the main STI/HIV problems in their region; and, (v) mention if they are
already members (or not) of IUSTI or other country-based STI/HIV organisations.
All applicants will be notified as to the decision of the Scholarship Sub-Committee in
respect of their application in August 15 2020

Respond to Acceptance only

Please note: Prior to the final award of a Scholarship/Fellowship, recipients will need to provide proof of attainment of any needed visas required for travel to Bangkok, Thailand.


21st IUSTI Congress

Joint meeting with 21st IUSTI A-P Branch Conference

Dec 1 - 4, 2021 Bangkok, Thailand



Consortium of Thai Training Institutes for STDs and AIDS (COTTISA) 

Bangkok Thailand

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